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Diving Medical Advisory Committee

Diving Medical Advisory Committee (DMAC) is an independent body that consists of medical experts for diving from various countries in Northern Europe. The DMAC provides medical and safety advice for commercial diving. The DMAC's guidelines for safety includes medical kits to be had on diving sites consisting of essential life-saving equipment covering many possible emergency scenarios.

DMAC Medical Kits have the equipment to sufficiently treat many diving related disorders and emergencies which might occur during various diving operations. The DMAC in their guidelines takes into consideration the possibility that the diving operation is away from the vessel or emergency medical services ensuring that required medical equipment and drugs are present in such a situation until help arrives.

ANP Pharma offers DMAC Kits meeting the latest guidelines and standards to ensure the safety of all your diving operations. They bring years of experience and trust offering Diving Medical Advisory Committee Medical Kits that have everything that's needed to save precious lives.

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