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Oil, Gas & Mining

ANP Pharma has built repute for offering an array of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, consumables and vital drugs to a number of leading offshore oil & gas industries globally.

Built on years of credible experience serving the offshore Oil and Gas industry, ANP Pharma'wide-ranging marine medical services and ship medical inventory are specially formulated to safeguard the health and safety of workers offshore, on rigs and on vessels, often working in intense remote conditions.

From accomplished health professionals to ship medical inventory and rescue equipments, first-aid training managementalong with health vaccinations, our services for offshore oil, Gas & Mining is well-organised. We provide a fully integrated solution that includes crucial, disaster and occupational medical care, personalised to the requirements of each project.

In addition, wecoordinatevigilantly with our customers and their medical advisors to make certain that only authorised appropriate pharmacy drugs and medicines are supplied.


    • Medical supplies required at oil & gas platforms
    • Medical requirements at FPSO's and drilling rigs
    • Initial turnkey supplies for new installations
  • Expert advice regarding UKOOA requirements provided by our experienced pharmacist


Some of the most common items we supply under ships medical inventory are:

    • Disposable gloves
    • First aid kits
    • Bandages
    • Protective clothing
    • Medical supplies
    • Hand and surface sanitisation products
    • Ships Hospital Supply
    • Surgical Supplies
    • Water Disinfectants
    • Medical Gases
    • First Aid Kits
    • Medical Disposables
    • Rescue Equipment
  • Pharmaceuticals


At ANP Pharma, all of our customers can anticipate obtaining a full risk-assessment consultation along with the provision of a personalised travel health brief and then accept the due vaccinations or anti-malarials themselves.

Our travel health benefits provided for each individual traveller make sure that they are fully aware of the added health risks of travelling to their destinations andthereby the vaccination requirements.

The Travel health information provided by ANP Pharmaisalso aimed at healthcare professionals advising travellers, and individualsdrifting overseas from UK. We also offer news and information by country on vaccinations, existing infectious and non-infectious diseases, malaria prevention, disease outbreaks like swine flu and ebola to name a few.

Here are some common vaccinations required when travelling:

    • When travelling outside of Europe, the most common vaccinations suggested are Diphtheria, Hepatitis A and Typhoid vaccine.
    • If you are travelling to any developing country where your stay might be long the common suggested vaccination is Hepatitis B.
  • If travelling to a rural area then a Cholera vaccine is recommended as it doubles up as protection against diarrhoea.

Oil, Gas and Mining

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