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Marine & Aviation

If you happen to be the first responder, you areentailed to provide assistance speedily and precisely. Having a clinically and rationally assembled medical kit to help you is essential for any form of emergency incident. Anything may occur at Marine & offshore, or remote installation. In such cases of emergencies, marine and aviationmedical facilities must be geared up for all catastrophes, and so ought to the company that supplies the fundamental pharmacy drugs and medical equipments.

With aprofound knowledge of marine & offshore and aviation industries, ANPPharmacan deliver all your medicinal, hospital, first-aid and rescue equipmentsto make sure you are at all times stocked with the key requisites. Depending on location, order size and stage of urgency, orders can usually be dispatched in 24 hours by means of the most cost-effective and dependable methods available.

Our clients from the marine & offshore industry benefit from a wide-ranging solution, merging best-of-class medical kits with trustworthy telemedicine support, while your crew and passengers enjoy the assurance of quality andavailablehealth assistance.

ANP Pharma also have a Product Review Board, comprising of senior aviation/marine medical and operational experts that review medical kit contents yearly to ensure the kits continue to fulfil the needs of our airline and marine customers.


As a leading Marine Medical Supplier, we can supply basket stretchers, first-aid kits, doctor's bags, alcohol breathe testers and other medical supplies. We also provide services for:

    • Cruise Line Vessels
    • Merchant and Commercial Vessels
    • Super and Luxury Yachts
    • Aviation Sector
    • FPSO's
  • Diving Support Vessel’s


Being amongst the top Marine Medical Supplier, we can deliver the following marine and offshore requirements:

    • Ships Hospital Supply
    • Emergency Support
    • Surgical Supplies
    • Water Disinfectants
    • Medical Gases
    • First Aid Kits
    • Medical Disposables
    • Rescue Equipment
  • Pharmaceuticals


Some of our products and services for various types of vessels and yachts include:

Cruise Line Vessels

    • Crew and passenger medication
    • Crew healthcare and vaccination programs
    • Formulary advice as per ACEP, ICCL and CLIA guidelines
  • Emergency outbreak supplies.

Merchant and Commercial Vessels

    • Category A, B or C first aid kits


    • IMO poison treatment chests


    • DMAC kits


  • Vessel medical certification

Super and Luxury Yachts

    • Medical kits for yachts of all sizes


    • Tailored medical kits (to your requirements)


  • Vessel medical certification and replenishment

Aviation Sector

Our services for the aviation sector comprise of:

    • EMK as well as doctors kits for commercial and also private airlines


    • Automated External Defibrillators (AED)


  • Drop off and collection for medical kit replenishment within twenty four hours

We have a number of years of experience as a Marine Medical Supplier thus you can rely on us for every key requirement you have. Just give ANP Pharmaa call and our customer service representatives will take careof all your queries.

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