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Defibrillator Suppliers

defibrillator suppliers in the UK, providing a range of defibrillators backed by our expert team using latest technology in conformity with international industrial norms. Defibrillators save lives, and therefore we work so concrete to get them into public places and organisations across the UK.

At ANP Pharma, we consider health as a fundamental aspect and as such, have products formulated that can save lives during emergency and crucial situations. Here at ANP Pharma, we are fervent about increasing survival rates and therefore supply a range of products such as defibrillators needed to help you and your colleague save the life of an individual suffering from a sudden heart attack or cardiac arrest. Besides being defibrillator suppliers, we also provide excellent customer service and support required time and again.

In case of a cardiac arrest, every minute is valuable and if defibrillation is delayed, the survival chances start declining by so far as 14% per minute. Hence, it is vital to have a portable defibrillator to meet such emergencies. Having the reputation of beinga accredited Pharmaceutical Wholesaler in UK , we offer top quality portable defibrillators that are particularly designed for the automatic examination of the ECG of heart patients.

A perfect blend of voice and text that is integral to direct the user right through the rescue operation. These defibrillators provide accurate results as an LCD screen is integrated into this. Some of the unique aspects about our defibrillators are its light weight attribute, versatile power supply and high portability which makes it vastly popular.

Further, we also stock basket stretchers in London which are perfect for rescue operations in sky-scraping altitude, water and mines. Prepared from high density polyethylene, these basket stretchers easily endure breakage and the shell is joined using aluminium construction to provide better strength.

When time is crucial, you can use a rescue stretcher to securely and swiftly move injured patients. Our rescue basket stretchers are moveable, convenient, lightweight and hard-wearing for rescue missions in any circumstances, from dense places like a cave to the large slopes of a mountain.

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