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Cruising & Superyachts

Whether you are a husband and wife team cruising the world in your 45’ yacht or part of a 30 strong professional crew on one of the world’s largest megayachts, being well prepared is half the battle in preventing your voyage coming to an abrupt end due to an unforeseen circumstance.

Part of that preparation is having good basic medical / first aid training and carrying the best possible medical equipment that you can on board your vessel.

For private yachts, ANP Pharma will tailor a medical kit to your individual circumstances and cruising plans.

For professionally crewed yachts we will advise on compliance according to your flag state, but more often than not our kits will be based around MSN1768 and either MCA Category B or Category A depending on your cruising patterns.

We will further provide advice and supplies based on the circumstances of your principal, their family or your guests and can supply worldwide as required.

ANP Pharma does not just supply complete medical kits. We are happy to provide a low cost audit of your existing kit and will quote to provide replenishments to bring you back into compliance.

Our quote comes with no obligation whatsoever, however we are confident that you will find our pricing very competitive. Should you purchase top-ups from ANP Pharma we will provide a 12 month certificate of compliance from the date of order.

All of our medicines are provided with English labeling unless otherwise requested or specified.

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