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Simple Yacht Maintenance Tips

Yacht maintenance is something that should be done regularly regardless of what machine you have. This is to ensure that your yacht is always safe to serve its purpose and reduce the cost of repairing it after a long period without maintenance. Maintenance of your boat or yacht goes hand in hand with how frequent you use it.

The main reasons as to why you need to service your yacht more often is to make sure the engine is functioning as required and heavy corrosion due to friction between your yacht, water, and sea material. Also, ensure that every time you service your yacht, check on your yacht medical kit to make sure it is fully equipped with everything that is required. There are many companies offering yacht medical UK services. The following are simple tips that can help you maintain your yacht

Check on your engine
This is the most essential part of your yacht. Always check on the oil levels and top-up whenever low for your engine strong. It is recommended that for every 50-100 hours of operating your yacht, change the oil, lubricate moving parts, check on lines and hoses for wear.

Keep your yacht clean
This is the easiest task when it comes to boat maintenance, a thorough cleaning should be conducted every time you use your yacht. The corrosion that takes place between the different parts of your yacht and the salty water will end up destroying your machine. Use clean brush and water to make sure you get rid of the salt on your boat. Use the recommended marine application to conduct your cleaning.

Marine growth
The underneath of your hull is rarely seen and sometimes even forgotten. The moment you are not using your, the marine organisms starts to grow at a higher rate affecting how your engine works and fuel efficiency. Always ensure if you are not using your machine you clean the hull every 6 to 12 weeks.

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