Travel sickness can affect people on aeroplanes, boats and ships and even in cars.  Travel sickness and motion sickness are terms used interchangeably but they mean the same thing. In the context of the sea, the label ‘sea sickness’ is used. From the smallest boat to the largest yacht, ANP Pharma has been providing medical supplies to UK vessels for many years. An integral part of any yacht’s medical kit is sea sickness tablets.

What is travel sickness or sea sickness?

Sea sickness is caused by a disturbance in the inner ear which is created by movement hence the title motion sickness as other types of transport can cause this. When the vestibular system in the inner ear is disturbed, motion sickness can follow. This is characterised by dizziness, nausea, sickness and vomiting which can be very extreme. Sea sickness can be crippling in some instances.

An integral element of your UK yacht’s medical supply

No seafarer worth his salt would sail without sea sickness pills. Even if you are not prone to suffering from sea sickness, there is always that one day in lousy weather conditions when even you will start to feel queasy. Always be prepared therefore for exceptional weather conditions which will turn even the strongest of stomachs. Sometimes just a gentle and continual swell can upset your passengers. ANP Pharma stock the best travel sickness tablets for cruise trips and open sea voyages.

There are lots of home remedies which are said to help improve sea sickness.  Fresh air can help, chewing gum is another or sucking on a travel sweet – there is some interruptive process when chewing to the connection between balance and vision. Ginger has long been touted as a remedy for sea sickness, there are products available or some people recommend just chewing on a fresh stem.

But for sea sickness sufferers, they just want immediate relief from how unwell they feel. ANP Pharma can supply the best motion sickness pills for cruise liners and ocean-going ships, whether you are a two-man team or an entire crew. Incorporate them in your medical kit and ensure that you have the best possible supplies for your team and destination. Take advantage of ANP Pharma’s experience in the maritime sector and contact us at