Workplace Health and Safet

Imagine you’re in the office, and when you’re walking to the bathroom, you see a puddle of water on the floor. What do you do?

Do you simply walk past and ignore it?

Do you report it to the appropriate person to clear it up?

If you don’t bring attention to it, your other colleagues may not see the puddle and slip and injure themselves.

Is this injury your responsibility? Has your employer told you who is responsible for workplace health and safety issues? Although directly it isn’t your duty, it’s your responsibility to report the puddle, at the minimum, so you can do your part to keep the workplace safe.

Although this may seem like a trivial safety and health issue, some worksites are at greater risk for injuries and accidents than others. Therefore, it’s important to know who is responsible for workplace health and safety at work to ensure safety within the workplace. 

Who Is Responsible for Health and Safety at Your Work Site?

Business owners and lead employers are the company’s decision-makers and therefore, they are responsible for workplace health and safety.

In regard to the health and safety guidelines in the UK, employers are required to protect the safety, health, and well-being of their workforce and others such as customers, the general public, visitors, etc.

With clear health and safety systems in place, it is easy to identify specific risks and the individual(s) responsible for them. While employees' health and safety responsibilities largely lie in the hands of the employer, safety is a team effort. Employees must also do their part to avoid accidents, and injuries and minimise risk. 

What is The Purpose of Occupational Safety and Health Services?

Occupational Safety and Health Services (OSH), also commonly referred to as Occupational Therapy, is a multidisciplinary field focusing on the health, safety, and welfare of people at their workplace.

Every workplace can develop and customise its own OSH programme using the Occupational Health Toolkit (a free resource from OSH) that provides useful information to help you tackle occupational health issues in your workplace.

The goal of an occupational safety and health programme is to foster a safe and healthy work environment for employees and the general public who enter the workplace environment. 

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