yacht medical kit

Whether you have a two-man boat with the minimum of equipment or a superyacht or even a commercial fleet, every vessel needs appropriate First Aid provision on board.

What is MSN 1768?

MSN 1768 regulations set out the minimum requirements for on board medical stores for all UK ships.  The directive issued by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency is described as a Merchant Shipping Notice or MSN for short.  This applies to:-

  • Vessel owners
  • Agents
  • Skippers of fishing boats
  • Masters
  • Seafarers 

What is contained within an MSN 1768 First Aid kit?

An MSN 1768 First Aid kit can contain oxygen resuscitation kits specifically tailored to suit the requirements of your vessel or fleet.  Spare oxygen cylinders are also available.  Vessels should have sufficient First Aid kits and doctor’s bags and carry certain medication on board the ship itself.  Let ANP Pharma advise you on your fleet requirements to keep the occupants of your vessel safe and the ship’s company within the law.

ANP Pharma holds the relevant licence with the MHRA to issue and distribute Medical Kits.  We can advise you on whether you need MCA Category A or B medical kits depending on your vessel’s pattern and route and even design a personal First Aid package for the privately-owned boat to take account of destinations and frequency of sailing.

ANP Pharma can also refresh and update existing on board medical kits and equipment from the simplest private boat to full MSN medical stores.  

Yacht Medical Kit

No yacht medical kit would be complete without sea sickness tablets.  Even those sailors with the strongest stomachs can succumb to sea sickness in the right weather conditions.  The complaint is actually caused by a disturbance in the inner ear created by the motion of the vessel on the water.  Sea sickness can be totally debilitating and so it is essential to always have sea sickness tablets on board.

ANP Pharma can supply your boat whether you are looking for a simple yacht kit or have commercial vessels with MSN 1768 requirements.  Take advantage of our maritime industry knowledge and experience and visit our website www.anppharma.co.uk