What are the Recommendations for Supplements During Pregnancy?

Most medical professionals recommend eating a healthy varied diet for all your vitamin and mineral needs. However, there are some exceptions when it comes to pregnancy. Supplements can be a useful way to ensure you are meeting all your nutrition requirements that might be hard to get from food, despite eating for two. There are a few supplements and vitamins below that are recommended to help ensure you are not missing any vital nutrients that the baby needs to grow and develop.

Most important vitamins during pregnancy
All nutrients are important and during pregnancy your baby gets all the necessary vitamins from you. Vitabiotics is a vitamin and mineral food-based supplement which provides more of the specific nutrients your body needs during pregnancy compared to regular multivitamins.

These six play a key role in your baby’s growth and development during pregnancy.

Folic acid: This nutrient helps the body breakdown, use and make new protein. It plays a role in DNA creation and the formation of red blood cells. Folic acid assist in the formation of your babies’ heart and circulatory system and helps lower the chance of birth defects such as spina bifida, anencephaly and some heart defects.

Vitamin D: Our bodies make most of our vitamin D when we are exposed to the summer sun but half of UK woman in the UK are affected byvitamin Ddeficiency which leaves woman at risk to complications during pregnancy such as diabetes, pre-eclampsia, small or premature babies.

Iron: Your body uses iron to make haemoglobin that helps carry oxygen from your lungs to the rest of your body. During pregnancy, your body needs twice as much iron to make more blood so it can carry oxygen to your baby.

Calcium: Calcium is a mineral that helps your baby’s bones, teeth, heart, muscles, and nerves develop. As I said before, your baby gets all the necessary vitamins from you, so if you don’t get enough calcium, your body takes it from your bones and gives it to your baby.

DHA: Alsoknown as omega-3 fatty acid, helps with the growth and development of your babies brain and eyes.

Iodine: This mineral will help develop your baby’s nervous system, the nervous system is comprised of brain, spinal cord and nerves. It also helps your body make thyroid hormones which help your body use and store energy from food.