Virtual Telemedicine: Innovative Care Delivery Models

The growing patient demand in the UK healthcare industry is skyrocketing. With the modern development of telemedicine (aka telehealth) and the improvements to remote communication, healthcare providers and facilities can now tap into this new technology to ease the demand for patient care.

The pandemic gave healthcare providers an opportunity to think about what blended in-person and digital care could look like. It all revolves around creating a great patient experience.

In the world of virtual telemedicine, there are many innovative care delivery models being used in the UK (and beyond). In this article, we will look into some of the models the healthcare industry is using. 

What is Telemedicine?

Virtual telemedicine for health is allowing healthcare to return back home.  As healthcare facilities and providers adopt telemedicine as part of their standard offerings, patients who find it challenging to make an in-person appointment can greatly benefit from remote telemedicine. 


Each virtual care delivery model may has a different spin on virtual care, but they all share an unmistakable passion for giving patients and providers the best care experience possible.

Here are some of the most popular and innovative telemedicine care delivery models used today. 

Single-Click Virtual Medicine

The single-click virtual telemedicine care model gives patients more control over their healthcare experience by meeting patients wherever they are. 

Automated Systems

Flexible and integrated telemedicine gives more patients access to virtual care where they want it and when they need it by simplifying the process for everyone involved. 

On-Demand Telemedicine and On-Demand Care

On-demand telemedicine and on-demand blends in-person care and virtual care, integrating complex workflows customized to the patient’s entry point of care. Even during emergency calls, physicians can connect with a patient anywhere and only bring them to the hospital if needed.

 Maritime Telemedicine

Maritime Medical Healthcare and Yacht medical healthcare refer to treating sick and injured patients on different types of seafaring vessels in remote areas of the world (like the middle of the ocean). Telemedicine greatly benefits this industry because now it can save countless lives by providing instant medical attention for those who need it and can’t get to a medical facility quickly. 

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