Top 4 Portable Oxygen Concentrators for 2021

Portable oxygen concentrators are a life-changing and life-saving medical grade breathing devices that concentrators the oxygen from the gas, eliminates nitrogen which supplies nearly pure oxygen through tubes that are place in the nose. This devise is aimed at people who suffer with sleep apnea or other breathing-related issues. Portable oxygen concentrators are small, compact, and highly efficient devices that provided patience with extra support and freedom to go about their daily activities.

The main thing you need to be aware of is your oxygen needs, ANP Pharma is one of the most trustworthy oxygen suppliers worldwide. Here our qualified staff can work with any requirements you have and help you decide on the best portable oxygen concentrators products from our extensive inventory.

Here we have a list of the top 4 Portable concentrators in 2021.

Inogen One G4:
Designed for 24/7 usage and to be carried around with ease,this device is one of the smallest and quietest portable devices on the market. This device weighs 2.8 pounds with 3 oxygen flow settings. Inogen intelligent technology can detect a breath and deliver oxygen within 400 milliseconds.

Philips SimplyGo: It is 10pounds in weight and comes with a portable cart with durable wheels that you can move around easily. The Simply go increases oxygen output during night-time and has a build in alarm to indicate if there are safety issues. This versatile device is designed so that you do not need separate oxygen devices for day and night, which is perfect for active individuals. This device has two continuous flow of up to 54 minutes and comes with two rechargeable batteries.

The Airsep freestyle 3: This small and compact portable machine weights only 5 pounds. It is designed for active uses who are looking for quiet freedom. It has 3 pulse settings and a oxygen flow of 332 litters per minute. This device can be worn over your shoulder with a carry bag or simply add on the harness to convert it into a backpack.

Sequal eclipse 5 mobile Unit: If battery life is a factor, then the Sequal eclipse 5 should be your go to.  With a long-lasting battery of 5 hours and options of a continuous flow or pulse this portable oxygen machine is the most energy-efficient device available. This device weights 18.4 pounds and come with a durable cart that you can easily Wheel around.