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The advent of the digital age has revolutionised the provision of pharmacy services to the general public.  The process of issuing a prescription to its arrival at the pharmacy to the dispensing of the medicine is all done electronically, saving time for health providers and providing the ultimate ease and convenience for the customer.  However, the global reach of pharmaceutical wholesalers in the UK is also having a profound impact on global distribution with pharmaceutical exports to Africa and Pharmaceutical exports to the Middle East.  Globalisation and digitalisation have combined to provide health analytics solutions just about anywhere in the world and this is going to have a a transformative effect on both drug provision and the supply of medical services and, drug development.

In the domestic market, pharmacy wholesalers in the UK are upgrading their operations to service the expanding demands of new independent pharmacy providers and traditional high street chemists who increasingly are taking their services online.  This is driven in large part by the NHS initiative to digitalise the prescription service saving time and money and promoting optimum efficiency.  

Pharmaceutical wholesalers and distributors in the UK are providing medicines to both the domestic and the international market using technology and data services which would have made this type of trade unthinkable even just a few years ago.  The public see the difference when they to visit their GP but behind the domestic market is a huge international operation in which UK wholesale pharmacy supplies are servicing the needs of a much wider community.

ANP Pharma are one of the leading pharmaceutical wholesalers and distributors in the UK, a single-source supplier of complete medical solutions to the world.  Pharmaceutical distribution is about so much more than the medicines. 

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