Is it Good to Take a Multivitamin Every Day?

There are lots of benefits to taking a daily multivitamin, but it can be confusing to find the best multivitaminwith such an overwhelming choice available online and on your pharmacist’s shelves. One of the best multivitamins is Vitabiotics which is one of ANP Pharma’s most popular selling exports.

Everyone talks about the benefits of a daily supplement routine but what are the reasons to take supplements?

There are many reasons to take supplements, here are just a few:

  • As we age, it can be harder for our body to absorb all the nutrients from food, further complicated by the use of long term medications. A daily supplement ensures that the correct levels of vitamins and minerals are always being met
  • Recent studies show that there can be a decreased risk of certain cancers associated with daily supplement usage
  •  Heart health can be boosted by a multivitamin as the B group of vitamins, in particular, are crucial for good heart health
  • Daily doses of Vitamins C, D and E will boost your immune system, help protect you against diseases and also aid in your recovery time if you are ill
  • Certain vitamins support good eye health and some studies have shown that they can actively reduce macular degeneration
  • Vitamin users can optimise the look of their hair and skin
  • The B vitamins will create a boost in energy levels and a feeling of wellbeing

Are there any side effects of multivitamins?

It is always important not to overdose on multivitamins (yes, it is possible) and to take a correct dosage for your age, gender and existing health. Too much of some minerals will cause increased urination, staining of teeth, stomach bleeding, muscle weakness and mental confusion, sometimes an uneven heart rate, in which case, less can be more when it comes to multivitamins.

Take pharmacy advice when it comes to finding the best multivitamin in the UK and always follow the dosage recommended by the manufacturer or your healthcare professional.

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