Importance of Keeping a Yacht Medical Kit

MSN 1768 which is published by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency applies to all UK ships whatever the type of vessel  - private or commercial - and mandates the marine first aid kitthat any boat or ship must carry. ANP Pharma is an authorised MSN 1768 supplier and can equip your boat or yacht with an appropriate first aid kit as well as refresh and upgrade existing supplies to ensure you comply with MSN 1768. Let ANP Pharma take care of your yacht’s medical provisions to ensure you comply with this UKregulation and stay safe at sea.

The importance of medical kit

As MSN 1768 suppliers, ANP Pharma can advise how you can comply with the regulations and supply a yacht first aid kit which is appropriate for the needs of your specific vessel. This will provide peace of mind that your crew and passengers have the correct medical care in the event of an incident or accident, essential when you may be far from land and healthcare services. As experienced maritime first aid providers, we can advise on the correct amounts for the particular vessel as well as any additional requirements which we can tailor for your needs.

ANP Pharma has a wealth of experience to ensure you are not only compliant with the law but will also have the medical supplies you need in the event of a problem at sea. MSN 1768 sets out the minimum requirements for compliance and ANP Pharma can help ensure that you have the right amount of supplies and tailor a first aid kit to suit your specific yacht or vessel.  We also offer audits of current medical supplies and can organise a refresh or upgrade of your medical provisions with handy hints which work for your specific circumstances.

ANP Pharma is the first choice MSN 1768 supplier for all your UK yacht’s medicalprovisions and supplies to not only ensure compliance with the law but to make sure you stay safe when you are at sea. Rely on our experience and tailor your first aid supplies to suit your vessel and crew, you can learn more on our website