Blood pressure tablets for prevent heart attack

Some medications are affected by timing also and not just by their constituent ingredients so when you take them in the day is just as important as the prescription and the dosage.  One medicine that falls into this category is blood pressure tablets and some studies suggest that taking blood pressure pills at night may improve blood pressure during rest and prevent more strokes and heart attacks than if those same medications were taken during the day. ANP Pharma supplies all types of medicines for hypertension including Amlodipine tablets alongside professional pharmacy advice about how to promote your heart health.

A study conducted by Spanish researchers tested the timing of blood pressure tabletsand the most effective uses of Amlodipine tablets amongst others, with half of the sample of 661 men and women asked to take their Amlodipine blood pressure tablets in the morning and the other half taking them before they went to bed.  This was a small sample group but the monitoring continued for well over five years and the results revealed that study participants who took their Amlodipine 5mg tablet at night had better blood pressure control than those who took their pills in the daytime.  They were also about one third less likely to have either a heart attack or stroke or to develop heart failure compared to those who took their pills in the morning.

Generally, blood pressure begins to rise just prior to getting out of bed in the morning and peaks around midday or lunchtime.  During sleep, it falls reaching its lowest point over a 24-hour period between midnight and 3-4 am.  This drop is described by the medical profession as ‘dipping’.  People who suffer from high blood pressure often have no decrease in their blood pressure overnight and one reason attributed to this is that medication like Amlodipine blood pressure tablets taken first thing in the morning have worn off.

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