Sharp pains in the chest can be one of the most frightening experiences and the most common fear is that it is a heart attack.  In fact, there are many causes of chest pain and myriad and varying types of discomfort and pain depending on the cause. Some of these are not harmful although they are uncomfortable. One possible source is an angina attack which can be characterised by a sharp pain in the chest. Many angina sufferers are prescribed Amlodipine Tablets to manage this condition effectively.

What is angina?

Angina is the descriptive medical term for chest pain specifically caused by a reduced flow of oxygenated blood to the heart. There are many other triggers for chest pain which are not angina. Doctors are always keen to know exactly what the pain feels like as this can be a clue as to the possible causation.

Angina causes sharp pain which feels like a squeeze or pressure. The pain and discomfort may not be confined to the chest area and can travel to the neck, back, shoulders and arm, even the jaw. Angina often occurs when the heart is being required to work harder so during periods of exertion or exercise, maybe even stress and tension.

Attacks can last anywhere from a minute to ten minutes during which time breathing may be affected by the decreased supply of oxygen.

Is an Angina attack serious?

Angina attacks can pass quickly but need clinical assessment to review the bigger picture of heart health, blood pressure and overall lifestyle.  Angina can be a signpost for a change in dietary and exercise routine or it can be an indicator of something more serious such as Coronary Artery Disease. This is where the main arteries to the heart have narrowed and are unable to deliver sufficient blood flow to the vital organ.

Supportive medication

It is important to determine the cause of angina attacks in order to evaluate the best treatment options and head off a potentially more serious complication. ANP Pharma offers a Telemedicine Service to help determine appropriate pharmaceutical interventions. Amlodipine Tablets will dilate the key blood vessels to improve blood supply to the heart and can form part of a considered response to Angina. For further information please head to