Blood Pressure Medications: Everything you need to know

High blood pressure or hypertension which is the medical name, is usually treated with blood pressure medicines and high blood pressure treatmentsAs the leading pharmaceutical wholesalers in the UK, ANP Pharma can offer advice and guidance about safety protocols which surround the management of high blood pressure and blood pressure medication dosages, as well as being able to supply Amlodipine tablets.

Several different types of medicine can be used to help control high blood pressure and many people need to take a combination of medicines as well as making lifestyle changes.

If you are under 55 years old, you will usually be offered an ACE inhibitor or an angiotensin-2 receptor blocker also called an ARB. If you are aged over 55, then you will normally be given a calcium channel blocker.  High blood pressure treatments don’t have to be for life so your levels will be regularly reviewed by your GP and you may be able to lower the blood pressure medication dosage or even cease the blood pressure medicinescompletely if your blood pressure stays under control for a sustained period of time.  This is where lifestyle changes such as stopping smoking, exercising more and changing your diet plus losing weight can have a big impact about which your pharmacist can offer you advice.

It is really important to take your high blood pressure treatments exactly as prescribed otherwise the medication will not work as well.  ANP Pharma can help you with medicine routines and protocols if you are struggling.  The drugs may not change the way you feel so you may be unaware they are having an effect on you but they will be working.  The side effects of these medicines are minimal and most people do not experience any.  Your GP will keep you under close review when you start the medication in order to ascertain that the dosage is correct but never be afraid to air any concerns you may have about the drugs with your healthcare professional or pharmacist.

ANP is the leading pharmaceutical wholesalers in the UK and can supply Amlodipine tablets as well as other essential treatments for high blood pressureEnjoy rapid and professional pharmacy services as well as all the advice and guidance you would expect from a local high street chemist.  To find out more visit our website