Basket Stretchers

How to Use the Basket Stretchers Effectively?

The basket stretcher has been designed to meet the most challenging emergency situations. A basket is a litter or stretcher basket designed to be utilised where there are obstructions to movement, or other hazards are in your path, for example, on slopes, in confined spaces, in wooded terrain and more.

Usually, it is shaped to fit an adult in a face-up position, and it is mostly used in search and rescue operations. The injured person is correctly strapped into the basket, making a safe evacuation possible. The person generally is protected by a cervical collar and seldom a long spine board, to immobilise the person and prevent any further injury.

How to Use a Basket Stretcher?
Follow the operations approved government authorities for the locking and the transport of the injured patient. Read the following instructions carefully and practice with empty basket stretchers before its regular use.

Putting the patient in the stretcher

  • Place the basket stretcher as close as possible to the patient before the transfer.
  • Load the injured patient using the adequate immobilisation devices such as spine board or vacuum mattress.

Fixing the footrest

  • Fix the footrest at the right level so that the plane surface of the footrest should come in contact with the patient‘s feet thus avoiding longitudinal movements, inserting the hocks at the ends of the belt, in correspondence of the oval-shaped hole of the Shell.
  • Make sure that the footrest is perfectly centred in the belts so that it is at a right angle about the stretcher. The flat surface of the footrest should come in contact with the patient‘s feet.

Lifting the basket stretcher with the patient.

  • Secure the patient to the stretcher with the provided restraint belts.
  • Check that if the belts are not too tight.
  • The patient operators must position themselves at either end of the stretcher. One should be at the foot end and one at the head-end.
  • Employ the right lifting technique, to avoid the strain; the operators must grasp the handles tightly at each end, then lift the stretcher.

Loading the stretcher with patients onto an ambulance or another particular vehicle

  • Position the stretcher into the counter space.

Unloading the basket stretcher from the ambulance

  • Free the stretcher from any available fixation system.
  • Grasp the stretcher from its handles and extract it from the vehicle.

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