All you need to know about the MSN 1768 supplier

All UK ships must carry a minimum amount of medical supplies in their store and this is set out in a regulation called MSN 1768 published by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.  This rule stipulates the contents of the onboard medical chest and details of  other medical equipment which must be carried and also the responsibilities of how to comply with MSN 1768.

 ANP Pharma can ensure ships are stocked with the relevant medical equipment to ensure compliance with the regulation and assist Ship’s Captains and Masters as well as private seafarers with their duties and responsibilities.  As MSN 1768 suppliers can range from an audit of existing onboard medical equipment to a full refresh and upgrade of supplies.

Who does MSN 1768 apply to?

The category of those who must comply with MSN 1768 is wide-ranging and includes Ships Masters, skippers of fishing vessels as well as seafarers.  ANP Pharma has a long track record of supplying medical goods and products to the maritime industry and is one of the most professional MSN suppliers online in the UKas well as for export. 

It can be difficult to assess what might be the appropriate kit to carry but ANP Pharma can advise on the correct amounts for that particular vessel as well as any additional requirements such as a doctor’s bag or any kind of extra medical equipment.  It is also important to have a current understanding of the regulation and the responsibilities and duties this may impose on the ship’s master and members of the crew; there is more to it than just stocking up the First Aid kit.  Having an experienced MSN 1768 supplier gives peace of mind to busy crews and seafarers who don’t have to think twice but know they are compliant with the law and will have all the medical supplies that they need in the event of a problem at sea. 

ANP Pharma is the first choice as an MSN supplier online and MSN export onlinein the UK relied on by members of the maritime industry as their ‘go-to’ service for MSN 1768 compliance.  Learn more on our website