Pharmaceutical Wholesalers

A pharmaceutical wholesaler works between pharmaceutical companies and their customers by purchasing and distributing medicines and medical equipment to customers. As one of the leading pharmaceutical wholesalers in the UK, ANP Pharma can help your business by ensuring the safety and wellbeing of staff, customers or clients. When it comes to health, being prepared is of paramount importance, and we offer a range of medications and products, from pain relief to defibrillators.

Pharmaceutical Wholesalers in UK

At ANP, our roots lie within the maritime sector, supplying cruise liners, yachts and fleet operators with medical supplies that may be required in case of illness or accident within the crew or passengers. At ANP, our clients benefit from UK registered pharmacists, pharmaceutical technicians and nurses, making us more experienced and efficient than some other pharmacy wholesalers of the UK. We also supply doctor’s bags, stretchers and complete kits with everything you’ll need on-board.

Being well prepared is the key to ensuring a safe and eventful journey. At ANP Pharma, we understand the importance of having good medical and first aid training, alongside the best possible medical equipment should it be required. We meet the medical stores regulations required depending on your flag state and cruising patterns. We work with each client individually to ensure we tailor our service to your specific requirements.

Pharmaceutical Exports Middle-East

We have provided services worldwide, including the Middle East. We offer highly competitive solutions to your offshore sites and land based clinics. Whatever you need, and wherever you need it, we can supply the best medical equipment and medications to keep your workforce or clients healthy.

Pharmaceutical Exports Africa

Whilst our roots might be in maritime, we understand that our services are of benefit to many different agencies. From NGOs and Aid organisations to rural clinics, ANP Pharma can provide medical solutions that are individually tailored for every need.

You can trust ANP Pharma as one of the leading UK Pharmacy Wholesalers. Our knowledge, experience and proven capabilities make us the most sensible choice when providing pharmaceuticals and medical equipment within your business or organisation.

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