Pharmaceutical Wholesaler UK

Pharmaceutical wholesalers are able to buy drugs, medicines and medical equipment in bulk in order to supply these essentials to hospitals, private companies and bases including ships or airlines that require a well-stocked medical centre. A pharmaceutical products wholesaler such as ANP Pharma is able to offer a wide range of products at the best price for companies worldwide.

Pharmaceutical Wholesalers UK

There are many advantages of using a wholesale pharmacy for your business. Wholesalers offer lower purchase costs for pharmacies and medical bases because they are able to buy in bulk, thus securing lower prices for their clients.

At ANP Pharma, we offer a range of products including drugs for almost all medical conditions, medical equipment including defibrillators and modular medical kits, and disinfection supplies. 

Pharmaceutical Wholesale Distributors

At ANP Pharma, medications and equipment can be supplied worldwide, include to aid organisations and remote medical centres. With a wide range of products available, clients can order every product required without the need to shop around or make multiple orders. With a wholesaler, there may also be room for negotiation if you require multiple orders or a steady stream of supply.

Experts in Compliance

ANP Pharma offers wholesale medications and equipment that comply with the necessary regulations for the individual client. For cruising and superyachts, for example, our medications and equipment are MSN 1768 compliant to ensure medical staff use only supplies that are approved.

As wholesalers sell medications in large numbers, you can be assured that licences and certificates are up to date. This gives reassurance to our clients about the products they buy.

Medical Training

At ANP Pharma, we recognise that there is little point in stocking a medical centre with medications and equipment if staff are unsure how to use it. We therefore offer medical training tailored to each client’s needs.

 For more information about purchasing medicines or equipment from ANP Pharma, contact us today.