Advantages of Collaborating With Experienced Pharmaceutical Wholesalers

The digitalisation of the pharmaceutical industry has created a revolution in the supply and delivery of medicines and drugs.  There are many advantages in picking a large and established pharmaceutical wholesaler for your pharma collaboration deals.  As one of the most established and experienced pharmaceutical wholesalers in the UK, ANP Pharma can offer numerous benefits to companies and organisations within the healthcare sector who are searching for pharma collaboration.  Here are just some of the benefits of pharma companies collaboration with ANP Pharma:-.

  • Enjoy state of the art robotic selection and packing processes which allow us to operate on a large scale 24/7 removing the element of human error
  • Pharmaceutical wholesalers buy medicines directly from the manufacturers and can buy in bulk with all the attendant cost savings associated with economies of scale. Some pharmaceutical wholesalers also receive advertising allowances from manufacturers which can be passed onto pharmacies
  • Transport costs are reduced
  • Convenience is a big factor as ANP Pharma can supply all of your pharmaceutical product needs in a one-stop-shop facility saving you sourcing time and money
  • A large variety is available, so pharmacists and medical professionals can buy several types of the same drug under one roof to cater all your needs.
  • Stability of supply is optimal and the risk of the absence of a particular drug or medicine is reduced due to the wholesaler’s capacity, buying power and physical storage space
  • Negotiate your pricing based on frequency and size of the order and because all of your medicine needs can be catered with just one wholesaler which gives more leverage to the consumer
  • Transparent and robust licensing processes ensures all the relevant compliance with the different legislation and regulations under one roof instead of piecemeal across different suppliers and retailers
  • Wholesalers are up-to-date on changes within the pharmaceutical industry and can assist with buying arrangements and any alterations that need to be made to your ordering
  • ANP Pharma offers guidance and advice to pharmacies on a wide range of subjects and can help with record-keeping and drug management

For all your pharmaceutical requirements, use one of the largest and most experienced UK pharmaceutical wholesalers, ANP Pharma.  To find out more about our exceptional service, visit our website