Oxygen concentrators are medical devices that work by concentrating oxygen from the ambient air by drawing it in and filtering it through a sieve or filter to eliminate the nitrogen which is released back into the atmosphere. The filtered oxygen supply is given to a patient through a cannula. ANP Pharma is a respected producer of medical equipment and devices that supply oxygen worldwide to the maritime industry for vessels and ships as well as to other organizations that have an oxygen requirement.

Research has shown that oxygen concentrators produce 90%-95% pure oxygen.  In 2015, the World Health Organisation (WHO) stated, “Oxygen concentrators can operate and produce oxygen 24 hours a day continuously and may last up to five years.”

When do people need oxygen concentrators?

Oxygen concentrators are used to support patients when their oxygen saturation falls below a certain level, usually 94%.  Normally, oxygen saturation levels of between 94%-100% are considered safe and healthy. With great efficacy for patients who have experienced an oxygen level drop down to around 90%, oxygen concentrators can even help people whose saturation level has dropped to around 85%. At this point, these patients will require different equipment in order to support their oxygen levels and health.

Since the advent of the Coronavirus, there has been real pressure on the oxygen supply worldwide which includes oxygen concentrators, particularly because they can help people with mild COVID-19 symptoms. There are two types of oxygen concentrators – continuous flow and pulse dose. Continuous flow keeps supplying the same flow of oxygen every second whilst the pulse dose concentrators are smarter and assess the breathing pattern of the patient and only release O2 depending on patient need.

Oxygen concentrators have come to the forefront in the battle against COVID-19 as they offer the ability to support patients with mild Covid symptoms by being able to deliver a pure oxygen supply. Oxygen products like oxygen concentrators are not the only mechanism to deliver pure oxygen to someone suffering from a disease or who has been involved in a traumatic accident. Contact ANP Pharma for oxygen therapy products to help those who need oxygen support, there is more information on our website  www.anppharma.co.uk