What are the most important applications of Oxygen Gas

Oxygen is one of the most basic and, at the same time, the most important gas for human survival. Oxygen gas is found in the air we breathe; however, some people are not able to breathe enough oxygen naturally. Breathing disorders such as emphysema or asthma are common causes of breathing problems.  

This is where supplemental oxygen (or oxygen therapy) comes in. By providing medical oxygen that is supplemental, users experience improved sleep, more energy, and a better quality of life.  

  Applications of Medical Oxygen Gas in Healthcare 

Medical oxygen is indispensable in the healthcare industry because of its many life-saving uses and applications. Some of the primary uses of medical-grade oxygen gas are mentioned below.  

  • To treat breathing problems 

  • Oxygen therapy at home to treat long-term health problems 

  • Provides oxygen for patients who are on ventilators and life support 

  • To stabilize the heartbeat of an acutely sick patient 

  • It is the foundation for all modern anesthetic practices 

  • To restore tissue that is lacking in oxygen levels 

  • To treat severe trauma issues such as shock, respiratory or cardiac arrest, or poisoning. 

  Oxygen Gas Cylinders have quickly become obsolete since most hospitals are now installing oxygen Concentrators (also known as Oxygen Generators) on their premises for treating patients. 

  What are Oxygen Concentrators? 

Oxygen concentrators (or generators) take in air from a room and filter out nitrogen gas. This process produces higher amounts of oxygen which is needed for oxygen therapy. Concentrators come in a variety of forms – from large and stationary to small and portable. 

The biggest difference between Oxygen Concentrators and Oxygen Tanks is that an oxygen concentrator never runs out of oxygen. They are able to run 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Whereas a standard oxygen tank depletes its oxygen within 3-5 hours, requiring them to be changed and refilled frequently.  

On-site Oxygen Gas Concentrator systems are beneficial for all healthcare industries because these systems provide an uninterrupted supply of oxygen and prove to be the most cost-effective and efficient. It also relieves the administration from ongoing tasks of managing (transportation and storage) the cylinders. 

 Oxygen Concentrators are lifesaving machines for all hospitals, which is why it is important to get concentrators from a reputed supplier that has served successfully in the market. One such supplier of medical oxygen gas concentrator systems is ANP Pharma, a leading Oxygen supplier worldwide.