The primary pharmaceutical distributor sits between wholesalers and manufacturers of medicines and medical equipment and is a key link in the supply chain of medicines and pharmacy equipment. ANP Pharma is one of the fastest-growing suppliers of complete medical solutions ranging from essential medicines to ancillary products, global leaders in pharma export. ANP’s services support the domestic situation, care homes, and hospitals.

How Does it Work?

Pharmaceutical distributors purchase medicines and other product ranges involved in health management directly from the manufacturers and then distribute them from central warehouse storage facilities all across the country.

The cascade of medicines and pharmaceutical products is to GP surgeries, care homes, and high street chemists with a speed and distribution network enhanced by the latest technology. Globally, pharma export has become one of the fastest-growing industries revolutionizing healthcare worldwide.

The Impact of COVID-19

The requirement for PPE and vaccinations for Covid placed huge demands on pharmaceutical distributors never before seen in the UK. This, in turn, has prompted a welcome increase in the automation of processes as speed and efficiency became of the essence in the early stages of the pandemic. The role of the primary pharmaceutical distributor has been highlighted as never before.

Supply chain management has improved with cutting-edge technology that can offer ever faster order fulfillment processes with a distribution network to support this with delivery to homes, care homes, hospitals, and pharmacy retailers both online and in the high street.

The Increasing Rise of the Pharmacy Profession

The role of pharmacists has been growing exponentially and that was before the arrival of the global pandemic, a time when people sought pharmaceutical help more and more because access to GP services was limited.

Pharmacists offer an accessible and frontline service that can support the NHS by resolving medicine queries and helping with practical healthcare issues both at home and abroad. Automation reduces the expensive wastage of products and technology cuts down on unnecessary manual administration and human error, reducing staff time in care homes, GP practices, and hospitals which can be spent more profitably elsewhere and lowering costs.

Whatever your healthcare needs, ANP Pharma can provide specialist pharmaceutical support on both a large and small scale. As a leading pharmaceutical distributor, our provision includes mainstream medicines and equipment and supporting ranges for multiple healthcare needs. Contact the experts in pharma export, looking after the requirements of people in-home, in hospital, and in care homes. Find out more information on the website