ANP Pharma supports the use of telemedicine as part of their worldwide healthcare services and pharmacy distribution network. Telemedicine really became prominent for COVID-19 during the early stages of the pandemic when it was hugely beneficial to individual patients, hospitals, and care homes restricted during the different lockdowns. Now, telemedicine is rapidly becoming the standard response to many clinical needs.

Telemedicine is the use of electronic data and telecommunication technology to allow doctors and healthcare professionals to link to patients remotely, providing the healthcare they need. Telemedicine has always been around to a degree when doctors and nurses have been unable to see people face to face. Advanced technology and the prompt of the global pandemic brought telemedicine to the forefront of medical and pharmaceutical services for COVID-19.

The Advent of Telemedicine

Telemedicine came to the fore during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic which changed the way that patients interacted with medical staff in order to practice social distancing.

Telemedicine can be provided using a phone service or face to face using an internet device and one of the many screen-based packages available, to allow two people to see each other whilst they communicate.

The Benefits of Telemedicine

There are numerous benefits of telemedicine either over the phone or via video chat.

  • Talk to a doctor or healthcare professional from the privacy of your own home
  • Stay safe from threatening illnesses like COVID-19
  • Avoid traveling if you are too unwell or have mobility issues
  • Save travel time and transportation costs
  • Allows patients to send and receive messages from their doctor using email or live chat services
  • Patients can be monitored remotely
  • There is a reduced wait time for services and a decreased frequency of clinic visits
  • The impact of telemedicine on shipping is to create a fast and automated service dispatching medicines more quickly than ever before

What types of care can you receive using telemedicine?

  • General healthcare such as wellness assessments, check-ups, and blood pressure control
  • Advice about certain non-emergency illnesses
  • Prescriptions for medicines with telemedicine often offer free shipping on prescriptions
  • Screening for COVID-19 and advice on care and isolation
  • Nutrition advise for a healthy diet
  • Mental health support and assessment

Some patients worry that serious health conditions could be missed or misdiagnosed without an in-person consultation. Healthcare professionals are experienced enough to understand the limits of telemedicine and when other services need to be signposted.

ANP Pharma is a leader in the provision of telemedicine and can offer advice expertise and a fully automated telemedicine service developed and honed for COVID-19 and is now of huge benefit to healthcare providers across the board. Find out about the services we offer by visiting our website