A holiday for you is not necessarily a holiday for your skin, in fact, depending on where you are travelling to, your skincare regimen may need to ramp up rather than take a break. Think about the impact of sudden long days of sunshine and heat or, the cold and drying winds of a ski resort plus all that glare from the snow. Travelling with care is not just about protecting yourself from insect bites or having vaccinations, don’t forget your skincare when you are abroad. Top Tips for Good Skin Care When You Travel • Protect your skin if you are going for a hot holiday from a cold, grey UK. Your skin will have had little UV exposure in the grey months of British autumn and winter. Cover up to start with or use a total block Factor 50 sun cream to avoid burning • Moisturize your skin whether you are nourishing it after the effects of sun and swimming in a hot location or after hours spent on the ski slope in cold weather conditions which can easily ‘weather’ the skin particularly if it is windy • It’s easy to overlook the impact of the sun on a winter holiday because of cold temperatures, however, your face and your nose will burn if you don’t protect it • Boating holidays even in dull, cloudy conditions where there is plenty of glare can still cause burning from UV exposure. Plus, there is almost always a breeze when you are at sea or out on a river or lake. Use appropriate sun creams, wear a hat or cap to shade your face and spend time out of the sun on a covered deck or below deck if possible • Always take products to relieve sunburn – it’s easy to get caught out even travelling with care. Even with good sun protection and high factor creams, the skin should be moisturized and nourished every day to help replace essential oils • If insects are likely to be a problem at your travel destination, then take both insect protection sprays and sting and bite relief products if the inevitable happens ANP Pharma can offer all sorts of travel advice and guidance to support you travelling with care plus a range of products to ensure your skin enjoys just as much of a happy holiday as you do. Good skincare will depend to some degree on your choice of destination. Don’t get caught out, contact ANP Pharma for expert advice, there is more information available on our website www.anppharma.co.uk