Satellite Solutions for the Maritime Industry

With the advances in modern technology, new satellite broadband communications can transform any maritime vessel into a mobile business center. Ships, boats, cruise lines, and all maritime vessels can now have the same access to email, mobile phone communication, supply chain management, navigation systems, business applications, and other IT resources – the same as land-based businesses.

Satellite services for the maritime sector are completely integrated with Business VPN which brings you improved communication between ships at sea (such as the Maritime and Coastguard Agency) and land-based locations. This also greatly benefits passengers and crew who can now have affordable access to email, video, Web browsing, and telephone since these services were very costly in the past.

If you are wondering how satellite solutions for the maritime industry might be beneficial to your business, keep reading.

 What Are the Benefits of Satellites for The Maritime Industry?

In most industries, access to the internet, voice, and SMS services are among the most essential needs required for successfully operating a business.

But the question is, what happens within industries such as the maritime industry, where connectivity is far from reliable? Fortunately, there are satellite-based solutions for those that operate in areas with unavailable or non-existent connectivity, such as Cruise Lines  that travel outside connected areas.

Satellite solutions can address several issues facing mass maritime businesses such as personal safety, shipping services, and asset tracking. Satellites offer an affordable and reliable solution specifically designed to address the needs of the maritime industry.

  •  For Commercial Maritime fleet operators, the satellite tracking capability allows managers the ability to monitor boats and track movement in near real-time via Google Maps. This helps to ensure that boaters do not go further than the allowed area, thus maintaining asset protection and boater safety. Additional features include a direct link to emergency services that pinpoint the boat’s location, providing precise coordinates to emergency responders.
  •  For charter boat operators and Maritime Training,  satellite solutions with Bluetooth provide connectivity between captains and crew members while outside of cellular range. This enhanced communication allows small business operators to never miss a call.

There are many uses and benefits for satellite solutions for the maritime industry but the most important is to provide an affordable and reliable solution that saves lives and lowers operational costs.

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