Pharmaceutical Distributors Understanding Our Role in the Supply Chain

Behind the scenes in the health industry, technology has been causing a quiet revolution in the supply and distribution of pharmaceutical products. Pharmaceutical distributors like ANP Pharma have been able to develop systems of supply and ANP Pharma is not alone amongst pharmaceutical distributors in these new methods and practices.

What is the role of pharmaceutical distributors?

Pharmaceutical distributors offer seamless end-to-end healthcare for a huge range of medical providers including high street and online chemists, hospitals, GP surgeries, and care homes.

Pharmaceutical distributors provide a system and a link between drug manufacturers and end-users, using technology to deliver the rapid and cost-efficient delivery of medicines with a GDPR compliant UK and global distribution network.

What do pharmaceutical distributors in the UK offer to healthcare providers?

There are numerous advantages offered by UK pharmaceutical distributors like ANP Pharma and these include:

  • Economies of scale – healthcare professionals can take advantage of competitive pricing based on large scale distribution, something that individuals or sole organizations would not usually be able to negotiate
  • Cutting edge technology – the latest technology provides error-free and easily adjustable order processes, saving hours of manual time for the receiving organizations
  • Compliance and safety – pharmaceutical distributors take all the worry out of compliance and change regulations ensuring that developments in legislation and Health and Safety rules are all met
  • Adaptable and flexible – digital systems mean that pharmaceutical distributors can seamlessly adapt and adjust their offering to suit the needs of multiple different healthcare providers
  • Increased efficiencies  - working with a reputable pharmaceutical distributor can streamline the provision of medication providing savings in terms of spend and time

ANP Pharma is one of the leading pharmaceutical distributors in the UK revolutionizing the provision of medicines and other healthcare products with a secure, digital system that is both accurate and fast. Working with all types of healthcare professionals, ANP Pharma can tailor their highly adaptable and flexible pharmaceutical distributors’ system to suit the needs of different organizations regardless of size and complexity, providing a bespoke service to both large and small groups and health teams.