Offshore and Onshore Wind Farms

Both onshore and offshore wind farms are experiencing tremendous growth right now and are projected to continue doing so. Driven by technological advances and international policies fighting climate change, wind power is becoming more sustainable financially. Modern-day windfarms are helping create renewable and sustainable energy, quickly and efficiently. 

Learn more about the pros and cons of offshore and onshore wind energy and power. 

  What is offshore wind?  

Windfarms are typically built-in bodies of water (sea, ocean, lakes, etc) where high winds are the norm.  


  • More energy generated due to higher wind speeds 

  • More wind consistency  

  • Less visual impact 

  • Bigger turbines 


  • Higher cost 

  • Expensive maintenance & repairs 

  • Noise & visibility disturb marine life and nearby neighbours 

  • Less local jobs since there are no onshore jobs  

  What is onshore wind?  

Onshore wind power refers to wind turbines that are located on land and use the wind to generate electricity. They are typically located in remote areas where it won’t harm or disturb land value.  



  • Relatively cheap to build, allowing for mass wind turbine farms. 

  • The shorter distance between the windmill and the consumer allows for less voltage drop-off on the cabling. 

  • Wind turbines are very quick to install.  


  • Disturbs the beauty of the natural landscape 

  • Only produce energy seasonally due to seasonal poor wind speed or physical blockages such as buildings or hills. 

  • Causes noise pollution for nearby communities. 

  Which is Best - Onshore or Offshore Wind?  


When deciding between onshore or offshore wind, there are many variables as to which type of wind farm is chosen by energy suppliers, including geographical factors, financial, and financial. Each company has its own unique requirements which drive the decision to use either onshore or offshore wind.  

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