Maritime Search and Rescue and Shipping Risk: How Does It Work in Africa?

Africa’s maritime search and rescue team is facing extreme challenges in West Africa of increased maritime piracy in the Gulf of Guinea region. With insufficient resources to properly patrol the area for piracy and react to situations, piracy continues to rise. According to recent reports, the most dangerous area for maritime crime is currently West Africa. 

The Gulf of Guinea region remains an important trading area for international shipping. So, the escalation of West African piracy is causing concern in the UK for both exporters to Africa and importers from Africa because  

The root causes of the increase in maritime piracy are complex and numerous. Reasons include unemployment, poverty, corruption, and a general lack of respect for laws due to the inability of local authorities to enforce them.  

  West Africa maritime steps up security 

Shipping overseas to and from West Africa is a real risk. The good news is that there has been a call for action against piracy in the Gulf of Guinea and the support for eradicating piracy in the Gulf of Guinea is gaining strength worldwide.  

The IMO (International Maritime Organization) which is an agency of the UN has begun steps to increase maritime security in the Gulf of New Guinea.  

The US government has also given marine equipment to the Nigerian Navy to secure maritime threats in the Gulf of Guinea which has greatly enhanced maritime policing efforts through intelligence-based patrols.  

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