Amlodipine tablets are a recognized and popular prescription for hypertension or high blood pressure. Blood pressure can be reduced and controlled by making lifestyle changes although some people will also need to take medication for hypertension either in the short term or permanently. ANP Pharma is a stockist of all the leading blood pressure treatments including Amlodipine tablets.

Amlodipine tablets for a child

Amlodipine tablets can be taken by adults and children aged six years and over. If your child has high blood pressure or hypertension, then your GP may recommend using Amlodipine to lower blood pressure. If high blood pressure continues unchecked in either a child or adult then this can cause serious and long-term damage to major organs in the body.

Amlodipine can come as either tablet or as a liquid to swallow which may be easier for young children. Your doctor may start the child on a low dose initially to check for side effects like dizziness and fainting.

What causes hypertension in children?

Hypertension in children can have a number of underlying causes and surprisingly in older children, can be lifestyle-related.

Essential hypertension occurs on its own without an underlying health condition and common risk factors which lead to essential hypertension include a genetic predisposition or family history of high blood pressure, being overweight or obese – usually in older children – Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and high cholesterol or triglycerides. Secondary hypertension results from underlying health conditions such as kidney disease, heart defects, or sleep disorders.

Hypertension prevention

It is a sad fact but poor lifestyle choices can affect children and young adolescents as well as older adults. Establishing healthy eating habits with a low sodium diet and plenty of fruit and vegetables is very important for children as is plenty of physical exercise and good sleep habits. As well as prescribing Amlodipine tablets, your healthcare professional will work with you to change your child’s lifestyle habits to help lower hypertension.

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