The focus of Occupational Health (OH) is how work impacts a person’s health and how their health affects their work. Savvy business owners know that their employees are more than just workers or tools- they are essential to every business’ success. That is why the mental and physical health of employees is vital.

The pandemic has highlighted many of the problems with modern-day working and has shown that the bottom line is not all that matters. Even though many people were off work due to furlough rather than being on long-term sick, returning to work after the pandemic is right in OH’s wheelhouse. Yet, only about half of the UK workforce has access to OH. To hire and retain employees who are happy and productive, it is more important now than ever to put practices into place to keep them well both body and mind.

Occupational Health & Safety can cover a wide range of services and practices and are usually provided by an OH nurse or doctor either in-house or provided through an outside source. 

Typical Occupational Health Services include:

  • Assessing long-term sick leave and how to safely get an employee back to work

  • Assessing a worker’s fitness to work

  • Implementing an approach to recovery that takes into account mental, social, and physical wellbeing as well as any workplace issues that may prevent a successful return to work

  •  Advising on reasonable accommodations and adjustments

  • Performing Stress Audits to ensure employees are not under undue job stress

  • Enacting programs that promote health and wellbeing for workers

  • Ensuring the workplace meets health and safety standards to prevent injuries or accidents

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