An ultrasound machine creates images to examine organs inside the body.  The ultrasound machine or ultrasound scanners as they are sometimes referred, use high-frequency sound waves which reflect off body structures and are sent to a computer to create a three or four-dimensional picture that can be used as part of a clinical diagnosis. Unlike an X-ray, this method does not use radiation. An ultrasound machine can be used for emergency medicine in A&E and for other types of diagnoses and also for rehabilitative purposes including physiotherapy.

Ultrasound machine in pregnancy

The most common type of ultrasound machine that most people are familiar with is the ultrasound scanners that are used at weeks 12 and 20 during pregnancy.

Soundwaves bounce off bone, tissues, and internal organs and a computer can use these to create images that allow midwives and healthcare professionals to check the development of the fetus.

Ultrasound scanners in emergency medicine

Ultrasound scanners can help quickly diagnose internal damage or bleeding after a traumatic event or accident which may not be detected via any other means.

Ultrasound machines for physiotherapy

Ultrasound machines for physiotherapy can also be used as a therapeutic tool rather than just a diagnostic aid and are popular for healthcare professionals and home uses as they are minimally invasive.

The high-frequency soundwaves can penetrate deeply into damaged tissue and create gentle therapeutic heat.

Some people use ultrasound machines to help alleviate strains and bangs, tendon injuries, and chronic conditions like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Ultrasound is gentle and without side effects working on its own or alongside a program of treatment and medication from a physiotherapist or other healthcare professional.

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