Two of the fastest-growing industries in Africa are health care and pharmaceuticals. Africa’s rapidly growing population is becoming more and more urban and as such has the purchasing power as well as the need for a steady supply of modern medicines.  Additionally, life expectancy is increasing in Africa which necessitates the need for adequate health care and medication to keep up. Reflecting these changes, hospitals in Africa have greatly expanded with tens of thousands of new hospital beds and medical personnel.

Africa is also looking at expanding the infrastructure needed to produce and export pharmaceuticals. Kenya is currently the leader in East African countries with its export value of over $131 million in 2016. Like in much of Africa, pharmaceutical sales in Kenya are on the rise, with a $100 million increase in sales between 2016 to 2017 alone. Other countries such as South Africa are investing in pharmaceuticals manufacturing as well.

In addition to the rapid expansion of African medical care, technology and the digital landscape have changed the way the world purchases and sells medications. The globalization of pharmaceuticals has allowed domestic pharmaceutical markets to reach customers and demands in other countries.

With pharmaceuticals exports in Africa on the rise, it is a growing area of an industry brimming with potential. If you are planning to jump into pharmaceuticals export, you will need to know about the intricacies of how to do so. Each country is different when it comes to regulations, documentation, customs, and laws so you will need specialist advice on how to enter the pharmaceutical export market safely and legally.  

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