5 Tips for Reducing High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is also called hypertension and can be a very serious health condition which causes long-term damage to your health. You would think that high blood pressure is obvious but some people can have hypertension and not even know, that is why it is important to check your blood pressure regularly either via your doctor or with a home device. Hypertension can be treated and ANP Pharma sells a range of blood pressure medicineincluding Amlodipine tablets plus we offer health advice to help you keep your blood pressure in check naturally with lifestyle changes.

Blood pressure increases with age but there are plenty of things you can do to keep it under control without having to resort to blood pressure medicine. Unmanaged blood pressure will put you at risk of heart disease, heart attack, blood clots and stroke but fortunately, there are plenty of steps you can take to reduce both your blood pressure and the risk. These include:

  • Stop smoking – ANP Pharma can offer help and support with our quit smoking services
  • Drink less coffee
  • Try and minimise stress with meditation and mindfulness techniques
  • Eat a healthy diet with plenty of fruit, vegetables and fibre and reduce your intake sensibly if you are overweight
  • Monitor your blood pressure frequently, you can do this at your GP surgery or buy a home monitor – your doctor can advise you on the best type to buy

High blood pressure treatment

If your blood pressure reading is too high then your GP will prescribe hypertension treatmentto bring it back under control. This may be alongside lifestyle changes which will have other health benefits beyond lowering your blood pressure. Lifestyle changes can make a difference in as little time as three months so your GP may alter the dosage as your health improves although some people have to stay on blood pressure medicinepermanently due to their age or other medical complications.

ANP Pharma stock Amlodipine tabletsas well as all the standard blood pressure medicines and hypertension treatments which are prescribed by doctors and healthcare professionals. We also offer advice and guidance about how to work towards a healthier lifestyle including support with specific services like stop smoking. To find out more, visit our website https://www.anppharm.co.uk/