10 Pharmaceutical trends you need to know

Medicine is changing rapidly and as a part of this, the provision of pharmaceutical goods and services is also experiencing something of a transformation.  This is affecting pharmaceutical wholesalers in the UK and further afield on the international stage.  There are global opportunities for UK pharmaceutical wholesalers to take their business to developing overseas markets and this includes pharmaceutical exports to Africa and pharmaceutical exports to the Middle EastBoth continents have a huge demand for pharmaceutical supplies and this represents lucrative opportunities for those in the pharmacy sector in the UK.

So what is trending in the pharmaceutical sector for wholesalers in 2020?  Here are 10 pharmaceutical trends you need to know. 

  • Patient-specific cell and gene therapies based on a person’s unique genetic and cellular makeup
  • Increasing demand for higher health standards globally will put even greater emphasis on the treatment of moderate conditions using patient-centric dosages
  • Cancer drugs will dominate pharma growth attractive to pharmaceutical companies because of the high returns financially
  • Lowering of prices due to the increasing accessibility of drugs worldwide
  • Smaller pharmaceutical companies are likely to be absorbed by bigger organisations
  • Global operations will change business strategies as UK pharmaceutical wholesalers explore new markets and get involved in pharmaceutical exports to Africaand pharmaceutical exports to the Middle East
  • Newly designed supply chains will meet the requirements of smaller volumes with a decentralised system rather than a centralised manufacturing approach
  • Supply will become patient-centric underpinned by virtual strategies
  • Health and patient senior advocacy roles internal to pharmaceutical companies will appear in the market-leading pharma companies for better support to patient-centric healthcare
  • Speciality medicines for chronic, complex and rare diseases are anticipated to make up 50% of the total market by 2023 and this is an area for real growth in developed countries

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