How does amlodipine work?

Amlodipine is a prescription drug that is used in the treatment of high blood pressure commonly known as hypertension. This drug is classified to the calcium channel blockers class of drugs, and should only be given to people with a prescription. Amlodipine relaxes the blood vessels allowing easy flow of blood. The amlodipine tablets lower the blood pressure preventing you from the risk of getting heart attacks, strokes or heart diseases. It is easy to purchase such prescription drugs from online pharmacies like ANP Pharma since they are pharmaceutical wholesalers in the UK.


What is the difference between Malarone and generic Malarone?

Antimalarial medication is very important and is recommended to people travelling to areas that are infested with mosquitoes. Some parts of the world such as the tropical South America and Africa and South Asia are mosquito-borne. So taking the antimalarial medicines will help prevent you from getting malaria, a life-threatening disease. Malarone and generic Malarone are both antimalarial medicines. However, generic Malarone which consist of Atovaquone/ proguanil is the most used antimalarial medication. Malarone tablet contains 250mg of Atovaquone and 100 mg of proguanil.


Pharmaceutical exports to the Middle East

Access to pharmaceutical supplies is essential in any given environment. For most countries, pharmaceutical supply is key to ensuring that their health systems are functional and that they are able to provide medical care to their citizens. This is the most basic need and goal for any pharmaceutical supply system.


Simple Yacht Maintenance Tips

Yacht maintenance is something that should be done regularly regardless of what machine you have. This is to ensure that your yacht is always safe to serve its purpose and reduce the cost of repairing it after a long period without maintenance. Maintenance of your boat or yacht goes hand in hand with how frequent you use it.


Merchant shipping notice MSN 1768

What is Merchant Shipping Notice MSN 1768?

This refers to a notice that sets out the minimum requirements for all medical stores from UK ships.

This notice applies to MSN1768 suppliers those who own ships, agents, masters, skippers of fishing vessels as well as seafarers


How to Use the Basket Stretchers Effectively?

The basket stretcher has been designed to meet the most challenging emergency situations. A basket is a litter or stretcher basket designed to be utilised where there are obstructions to movement, or other hazards are in your path, for example, on slopes, in confined spaces, in wooded terrain and more.