Occupational Health

As a good employer at workplace, you must feel confident that you are shielding your employees from harm and optimistically promoting health and wellbeing to them. With the aid of Occupational Health Suppliers, you can attain these goals, gratify the highest standards, and diminish your overall costs of illness as well as attendance management.

ANP Pharma is an ethically driven Occupational Health Supplier that is steadfast in enhancing the health of the working populace of UK. Our Occupational Health services aims to ensure that individuals are efficient in work and that their health is protected. Occupational Health is offered to both small-size and huge businesses, whether you are a lone individual requiring extemporised services or a big corporate entity looking for a more customised solution.

Our occupational health consultants merge medical experience with know-how of diverse working conditions. They are skilful in advising the employees on the interface of health on work and provide professional input, enabling well-versed management decisions.

ANP Pharma covers a broad range of occupational health services comprising of Working Condition Analysis, Health Inspection, Fitness-for-Work Medicals, Vital Medical Supplies such as antimalarial prophylaxis, Vaccinations and Welfare Programmes.


  • Seasonal Influenza Vaccinations and Vaccination Programs
  • Malaria Prophylaxis
  • Pandemic and outbreak Solutions
  • Hand & surface Sanitisation
  • Protective Clothing


  • Reduction in cost of absence due to illness of employees
  • Assists in complying with health and safety legislation
  • Helps to improve staff retention and increases productivity


We understand the risks posed by Malaria Prophylaxis therefore we constantly supply preventative medication such as antimalarial prophylaxis to our customers. However, it is important to note that drugs for malaria prevention vary from one country to another. Please contact us for further details.